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The pandemic has focused us on continually looking at ways to get better.  The health and safety of our children, parents, and staff has propelled us into investing in a new kiosk system for taking temperatures. The system is designed to automate the process of screening for health, every time a person enters and exits our building.


This means that for infant to 5 years of age, each child will be tested twice (when they enter and exit the building). For school age children, a child maybe tested 4 times, if they come into the building before school or a field trip, and then when they leave to go to school or on the field trip, followed by scanning when they return and then when they go home. Our staff, will be tested more than anyone, because it will be required each time they enter and exit the building. Why so much testing? Because we want to notice changes in temperature to better safeguard our center and maintain a healthy environment for everyone at The Son’s Children!



Arizona is a hot place during the summer, and we have noticed that when a person comes in out of the heat, their temperature maybe above the passable level of 100.4. With the advance scanning features of our new system, within 60 seconds of being outside in the intense heat, a person’s skin temperature will be low enough to scan again and get a more accurate reading. If a child or staff member is above the passable level, this person must go home.

A parent cannot leave a child if that child fails the two entry point tests, the same holds true for staff. If during the course of the day a child develops a fever or other COVID-19 identified symptoms. We have a designated isolation location that the child with kindly and comfortably be placed within. We will then call the isolated child’s parent/guardian and require that this child be picked up within 90 minutes.


Returning to our Learning Center after either not being admitted (high scan temperature) or having to leave due to illness will be a minimum of a 3-day process. The first step will be a visit to a medical clinic to either receive clearance from a doctor to return to the child care center or seek a COVID-19 test.


Most of our parents have some form of medical insurance, therefore have your child examined by a physical should be straightforward. If a parent does not have medical insurance than The Son’s Children will assist, during the pandemic, with payment for the parent to take their child to Banner Children’s Urgent Care (the rate is $150, either you can have them phone us at the appointment for credit card payment or we can reimburse with a receipt). The Son’s Children will not assist in the payment of additional lab fees or COVID- 19 testing. The fact about Urgent Care’s is that they are a money-making business and they are charging $200 for a COVID-19 test. The Son’s Children would recommend to any parent who wants their child tested to seek free testing locations. Most free testing locations (including CVC) have a restriction of 18 years of age, however, there is one location near our Learning Center that is free and will test children below is the best way to register and set an appointment:

 Metier Pharmacy – 4214 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix


If a parent has received a note about your child from a doctor (stating clearance to return to the child care center) and has been fever free for 3 days, then that child can be admitted back to The Son’s Children.

If a parent does not want to test their symptomatic child for COVID-19, then they will need to following the guidelines below with this child:

> Stay home away from others until you have no fever for at least 3 days; AND Other symptoms have improved; AND at least 10 days, from when symptoms first appeared.

If a parent decides, based on symptoms and medical care guidance to be tested for COVID- 19, below is the timetables for return:

>> If a child is awaiting test results:

• Stay home away from others, until results are available.

>> If a child tests positive:

• Stay home away from others until you have no fever for at least 3 days; AND other symptoms have improved; AND at least 10 days, from when symptoms first appeared.

>> If a child tests negative:

• Stay home at least 3 days without a fever; AND other symptoms have improved.

Our staff is to follow the same guidelines as outlined above for our children.

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