We are all about the mission of better preparing your children.


Trust is defined as...

“Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something”. We want our parents to have trust in the way we love and teach their children.


We exist to better prepare
our children for
the classroom and beyond,
through the love of Christ.

Our mission statement above is packed with power and focus on your children.  We prepare ourselves through planning our vision, which is translated into daily lesson plans with the overall purpose of better preparing your children for their first day in kindergarten.  From there our next step is to find ways to support our Flex-Care children (5 to 12) by equipping them with the tools they will need to pursue life with a passion and purpose!

We are a welcoming non-profit, Christian Learning Center

  • We are glad you are considering us as the right fit for your child.    Grace, love, forgiveness, hope, faith, community and justice are at the core of our Christian values.

We have a heart to support every parent who hopes that their child (infant to 12 years old) can be in a warm atmosphere for early development; therefore, we accept DES support and offer scholarships to those in economic need.


We are committed to helping each child learn, grow and develop a positive self-image; striving towards excellence!


Our program has a balance of structured and unstructured time, divided among various activities.  The emphasis is on:


  • Teaching essentials
  • Instilling values
  • Embracing love

We are:


  • Currently a 3-star awarded program with Quality First
  • Attentive to the Early Child Development of all the age groups we serve
  • Licensed by the AZ DHS Childcare Division

Our Community

Community makes us stronger.  Community helps us to receive encouragement, support and grow.  We are all about fostering community at The Son’s Children.  Our aim is to listen to our parents with the hopeful outcome of community resources to meet family needs. 

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Supporting The Whole Family