Processing GRIEF in the Classroom

As you may have heard, we recently had a great loss at our center. A 9 year old student (whom I and so many of our teachers had the honor of teaching) lost his life last week. The ripple effects this has had on our staff, students, teachers, and families have been hard hitting. With that said, the center and all those connected to it have come together in the sweetest way to support the family—both monetarily and morally. The

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Kid’s Who Listen

Getting children to listen to the instruction and wisdom from adults can be pretty challenging. As a mother, I’ve learned that my daughters follow my lead most when they feel emotionally and physically secure. As a teacher, I’ve found that a similar thread of trust has to be present in order for the students to hear me out and implement the things I tell them. They have to be convinced that I’m actually for them and not against them. If

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Changing Us!

CHANGING THE WAY WE OPERATE The pandemic has focused us on continually looking at ways to get better.  The health and safety of our children, parents, and staff has propelled us into investing in a new kiosk system for taking temperatures. The system is designed to automate the process of screening for health, every time a person enters and exits our building.   This means that for infant to 5 years of age, each child will be tested twice (when they

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10,000 Questions

Paul Harris, Harvard Child Psychologist wrote: If we make the relatively conservative assumption that children will be at home in the company of a familiar caregiver for one hour each day, this study (Chouinard 2007) implies that they will produce somewhere between 400 and 1,200 questions each week. From the age of approximately 2½ years, about one-quarter of those questions will be requests for an explanation. Hence, before they go to school, children could ask around 10,000 questions each year, all

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Kingdom Character Traits

Kingdom Character Traits This year at the Learning Center, the school-age staff is focusing on cultivating and nourishing the character of our students! We believe that having a strong character is one of the single most powerful ways to succeed in life…  Our character is everything and it speaks volumes about who we are! One of the ways we’ve decided to embark on this assignment is by integrating the teaching of what we’ve coined “Kingdom Character Traits” into our classroom

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Teacher Leadership

“A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell At the Son’s Children, we place a very high value on education—not only for the children we serve, but the leaders who develop them!  Literacy is extremely important to the growth and sustainability of our Learning Center, our curriculum, and our students. As we continue to learn, we place ourselves in a position to increase in understanding and capacity, all of which

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