We Commune Together

This past Sunday, The Son’s Children joined our hosting church, Phoenix Christian Assembly, for a time of worship, prayer, and breaking bread, and what a wonderful time it was!


Our entire staff was present as we came together to praise and worship with our brothers and sisters in the faith and it was such a refreshing time of unity.

Since we came to our new campus in January of this year, our friends at Phoenix Christian Assembly have been incredibly welcoming to us, our mission, and the families we serve. We wanted to support and love them in return.


With that said, I must admit that for me, our presence today wasn’t about us at all. Rather it was about what was deposited into our hearts as individuals and as a collective, that was the greatest blessing.


One of the best highlights for me was being able to worship in one place with those I work with! 

It isn’t often that work and faith intersect. Fortunately for our Learning Center, we have cultivated a place where Christ is the cornerstone. However, on Sunday, we intersected in a different kind of way. 


We each took time from our respective home churches to be…together.


We got the opportunity to sing songs, both new and old, with one another. We went to the altar and covered each other in prayer. We listened to and digested a strong message of instruction, correction (and even reproof) together. Then as an added bonus, we broke bread (literally) over spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and cupcakes.


We laughed. We hugged. We talked. 


We simply enjoyed one another’s company.


In my 2 years of being with The Son’s Children, I don’t remember a time when we were all under a single roof of worship. We all were able to see tangibly what being part of the Body of Christ is actually like and it was really something beautiful.


Our time together today undoubtedly knit us closer together not only as a team, but as a community with those who are part of PCA’s family.


I think God really enjoys it when His people, all differences aside, come and join together to grow deeper in Him.


I believe community truly makes God smile because it reflects the heart of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God on the earth. 


Young or old, black or white, song and worship differences…on Sunday, none of those things mattered.


There was just love.

I left Sunday afternoon with a swell in my heart for the campus and all those connected to it. I even got to bring my daughters with me and each of us were incredibly blessed.


If you have the time, need a place to worship, or simply would like to visit a new church, please consider visiting Phoenix Christian Assembly on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am! 


On behalf of our precious community, we would truly enjoy your presence and would love to see you at Sunday morning’s service.


Peace and blessings to you and have a wonderful week!

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Wish I would have been informed, I would have LOVED to have been there!!

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