Serving Others

“Serving others prepares you to lead others” Jim George

If there’s one example Christ set for us as Believers, it’s that the heart of leadership is servanthood. We are called to model what it means to be great through how we lovingly serve those in our sphere of influence.  The leaders at the Son’s Children Learning Center know firsthand what it means to serve. There are so many avenues of serving and it’s one of the things I truly love about the organization. 


I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Ms. Crystal, the lead teacher of our infant’s classroom. I wanted to hear her take on servant leadership, and how she walks that out for the children and parents she serves every day. I pray this captures your heart, as it did mine, and that it rouses the servant inside of you!

B: Hi Crystal! It’s so good to sit with you. I would like to hear your thoughts on servant leadership. Why do you believe being a servant leader is important to the work you do here at the center?

C: It’s important to me because when God gave us His son, Jesus, the first thing He did was serve his people! No matter their background or where they’re at in life. & we are called to live like He did when He was here. He wasn’t for a hierarchy. He was a carpenter. He worked a job that is, by nature, a service to others! He didn’t serve only in word, but that was his actual career! We need that mindset because that’s how Jesus lived.

B: So, so good! Okay, so what are some of the ways you model that here at the center?

C: Some of the ways I model that here is that number one, with the parents, I welcome them every morning when they drop off their kids. To make them feel comfortable and to show them that I am serving them to my highest ability. 

B: Do you have kids?

C: *laughs* Yes, I have two.

B: Oh, okay. So yes you know how hard it can be leaving your child!

C. Yes. Because I know how it feels to drop off my kids somewhere and kind of be made to trust that person with my child. It’s not easy. So, I want to make them feel welcomed, and welcome their children, and get excited when I see them so that they can feel that energy coming from me. I want them to know that I truly am here to serve them. 

B: I love that. Do you feel supported by the center in your servant leadership?

C: I do. With some of the structure and training that is being implemented in the center. For example, Sarah, our Assistant Director, is a big leader in service because she leads with her heart. She’s a big example. When she trains me, I do my best to learn as much as I can while I have her because I know she’s serving the rest of the center. 

B: *laughs* Yeah, she’s all over the place!

Blog article by Britnee Bradshaw

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