Our Team

Our professional teachers love learning and pass that love and excitement to the children.
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our wonderful team



Our Director has a sharp and kind mind to led the staff and curriculum at our Learning Center.
She loves learning and is pursing her Bachelors Degree in Education. One of her goals over the next year is to take the center to the next level, which is a 4-Star rating.

Assistant Director


Our Assistant Director is amazing! She is like a superhero at the center, always saving the day for staff and children.
She is currently in college working towards a degree to be an example for her daughter, family, friends and co-workers. April has a tender heart for children and making each one feel valued.

Mentoring Director


Our Director of Mentoring is a tremendous asset to our team. Sarah has the ability to take on any role within the organization that is why we have placed her in her current position, she can help train anyone in the organization.
She has just started back to college and desires to continuously be learning. Her loving kindness to children is evident to all.

Front Supervisor


Our Front Desk Supervisor keeps our organization running smoothly through attention to details. She is a poised and professional with everyone she comes into contact with at the center. If you want to get an answer at our center, then go to Charlotte!

School Age Lead Teacher


Our Lead Teacher for School Age children. Britnee has a heart filled with the love of Christ and she wants everyone to know the King of kings. She puts together curriculum that challenges her students. Britnee is a book Author and writes blogs for our organization.

Front Supervisor


Our afternoon Front Desk Supervisor lights up a room when she walks in!
Letty is a special Christian woman who likes to encourage, listen, equip and prayerfully support everyone who enters our building.
She loves to share who Christ is with others. Her love for Christ radiates from her in a positive way. She loves being a partner with our parents.

School Age Lead Teacher


Angela Vega is a true all-star teacher, that loves to work with our School Age children. Angela understands that children don't care how much you know, until they have experienced how much you care about them.
Vega loves sharing her love for Christ with the children by doing biblical activities. Vega brings a tender touch and a kind voice to our family through the love of Christ.

Infant Lead Teacher


Anissa Ewing is our Lead Teacher in the Infant’s room.
She has a big heart for our babies and she loves to watch them grow and develop. She is always communicating with our parents to see how they are doing and to let them know how their babies are doing throughout the day



Chelsea Starks is amazing and a big part of our family. She is not in just one class, but in all of them. She loves our children and wants to help them grow and develop. She loves to talk to our children to help them figure out what they are feeling and how to develop positive solutions.

3-4's Lead Teacher


Christy Cole is the Lead teacher in our 3’s and 4’s classroom. Christy has a heart for teaching our children and works diligently with them to prepare them for entrance into kindergarten.
Christy always has fun activities planned for the children. The children in her classroom love her. She loves to teach them how to work through their strong emotions in a positive way.



Ginny Hahn is versatile and has served our Learning Center in several roles. Currently Ginny is teaching in our 3-4’s classroom. Ginny has had a positive impact on the children at our center. Ginny loves to work with the children and watch them grow!

Afternoon Infant Lead Teacher


Patty serves as our afternoon Lead Teacher in the Infant room. Patty is an amazing professional, having served in the early childhood field for over 30 years. Patty knows her details with child care and even more importantly is attentive and kind with each child she works with every day.
You can see how much our babies love her. She is very friendly to our parents and is wonderful part of our family.

Afternoon 3-4's Lead Teacher


Anissa Placencia is our afternoon Lead Teacher in the 3-4's room. Anita has been in early childhood education for over 21 years.
Her love for the children shows through her tender voice and her many activities that she plans every day for them. She loves to teach them to use their words and that it is okay to be upset as long as they use their words.

Lead Teacher

Veronica Ayala

Veronica Ayala Hernandez is the Lead Teacher in the one’s class. She loves to teach our children Spanish. She also loves to dance with them. She has a heart of gold for teaching and helping our children grow.



Jennifer is a teacher in the two’s class. When it comes to our children, she is there to help them grow, develop, to explore and most of all to love on them. She loves to learn and she brings that to our family in a big way!

Lead Teacher


Karen is our Lead Teacher in the two’s class. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She has a big heart for our children and loves to plan activities. She works with our young children to help them to understand sharing and friendships.



Wanda is one of the newest members of our family. She is affectionate and does not hesitate to lend a helping hand. She has a heart for our children and loves to get down on the floor and play with them.

Executive Director

Austin Willard

Austin is new to childcare, but he is not new to serving others. Austin has been in Christian ministry for over 15 years. He has pursued education at the highest level, receiving both an MBA and a Master's Degree in Theology. Austin's dream for The Son's Children is summed up in the mission of the organization, "We exist to better prepare our children for school & life outside the classroom, through the love of Christ." The love of Christ can change everything.

Bookkeeper & Administrator

Anne Wilhite

Anne is super smart and keeps our organization on track.

She ensures that all of our financial records and human resource administration is accomplished through excellence. Anne is patient and kind with our staff, as she fulfills a wide range of our administrative needs.
The Son's

early childhood educators.

We are a Christian non-profit and our aim is for our child to experience from our teachers love, kindness, embrace and encouragement. Our early childhood educators are fully qualified, very experienced and extremely dedicated to their roles..

We truly value continuity of care and know how important consistency is in a young child’s life.  All of our teachers are accessible to our parents and guardians through our childcare app.