Welcome to The Son’s Children a non-profit faith based preschool and childcare center. We are glad you chose to consider us as a suitable center for your child. Our first and foremost concern is to provide a warm, loving and safe place for children while they are away from home. We are committed to helping each child develop a positive self-image while they learn and grow toward being a well-rounded responsible, good and moral citizen.

Our program has a balance of structured and unstructured time, divided among various activities. The emphasis is on language, arts, number concepts, music, exercise, games and social development.

We are involved in the Quality First Program which encourages each child to think creatively with originality. Each month has a different theme such as “Health and Nutrition” which includes projects involving skills in math,art,and social skills. We have recently added a computer center to teach the children communication and problem solving skills in this highly technical world they live in.

A faith based preschool and childcare center.

Enroll your child today knowing we’re:

  • > Involved with the Quality First Program for Early Child Development
  • > Attentive to the unique needs of children with special needs
  • > Raising the standard of learning for your child
  • > Modeling and teaching Christian values
  • > Licensed by the AZ DHS Childcare Division

Love brings hope and growth!