New Beginnings

As we look to 2020 for newness and fresh starts, I’d like us to take a glance at our daily onsite leadership at The Son’s Children (for the rest of this article referred to as TSC). Given our various roles and the sheer number of little souls we serve, our leadership is multi-faceted and at times interchangeable. We have our lead teachers who, when necessary, serve in differing capacities with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces for no other reason than to help out wherever and whenever their gifts and callings are needed. If you ask me, that is amazing! It is truly a wonder to observe how our leaders are willing to shift roles to enhance our ability to offer quality service with love as the main ingredient.

“Miss Melissa”

If I was writing a stage production, this is where I would insert “Enter Melissa: Director of TSC,” and our focus would then shift to the purpose of this article. Melissa Currie, our longstanding Director, is without question the frontline, boots on the ground linchpin of our daily operations. The full scope of what she does is beyond this writer’s ability to express in this forum; however, her contributions to our learning center are undeniably vital not only on an organizational level, but also on a very real community level. So, let’s take a brief look together at the one whom all of our children and staff affectionately refer to as Miss Melissa.

Heavy Load

Miss Melissa carries a heavy load and has allowed God to help her develop strong shoulders to carry it. She firmly believes, as she has often spoken out loud, that she can do all things through Jesus Christ that gives her strength. As the Director she knows the expectation is that she makes sure the cash flows and the toilets don’t overflow. She comforts and counsels our children, their families, and our teachers. She finds substitutes at 5:00 in the morning and deals with way too many children named Michael. 

Our Director is, day in and day out, accountable for the education, care, and well being for children when they are away from their families. Her responsibilities extend well beyond the specifics of children’s classrooms. Melissa oversees the entire facility, both inside and out; keeps licensing and accreditation records up to date. Miss Melissa also assesses staff performance (which is always fun for all involved); makes policy, personnel, and financial decisions each day without as much of a whisper of complaint. She also serves as liaison between TSC, the field of ECE (Early Childhood Education), and the community. Upon researching this article, I was shocked by the wide range of responsibilities our Director assumes every single day, even afterhours when most leaders turn their phones off. Such is the life of a Holy Spirit-filled leader. Maybe we should refer to her as a “Jill of all trades.” Get it?

Life Beyond the Center

Melissa Currie is not only the Director of a Christ-sponsored learning center, she is also a very loving and ever-present mother to her 7-year-old son, Jackson. For those of you reading this article that are well acquainted with Melissa, you know her story. But…for those that are new to our community, or those that are prayerfully considering becoming part of our community, the tale takes a turn from here. For life beyond work is anything but humdrum and is filled with variety and excitement for Melissa as she relies on help from Above to guide her into raising her son to be an ethical and moral man. Such a task would be daunting if attempted without the resources of Heaven. Which is why this writer believes that she has chosen to dedicate her son to Jesus, and has committed herself to following Him and obeying His teachings. What an awesome legacy to leave!! One day Jackson will be able to say, “I follow Jesus because my mom followed Jesus, even when it would have been easier to follow the world.” He is already looking up instead of out for guidance, both at school and at home. 

This writer is convinced that Miss Melissa has had an encounter with the risen Savior. Some readers may ask what evidence I have of such an event. My response is as follows. The same way one would know that a piece of cloth had encountered fire and been truly touched by it is the same way one can see the proof of closeness with the Lion of Judah—the marks and impressions left from the fire. The closer we draw to Jesus, the more like Him we become. Just as in any relationship, the more time people spend together and the closer they become, the more they share characteristics and attributes. It is such with our Director, Miss Melissa. She has chosen to follow Jesus and is daily becoming more like Him. With such transformation happening within her own heart, she shares that with her son in ways that will make him a better son, student, father, and follower of Jesus.

Final Thoughts

In closing, I would like to say that we understand at TSC not all who read this article are interested in sharing our vision and participating in our mission. That is ok. My motive for writing this article was to introduce you all to our onsite leadership and to invite you to pray with us and for us as we listen to the voice of God and serve our community with love. Here at TSC we also understand that leadership determines the direction of any organization. If what you’ve read about Miss Melissa incites your heart to follow us and/or to partner with us in our mandate to prepare our children for the classroom and beyond, please feel free to visit us either online or in person. Give us a chance to allow God to love you through us. Grace and Peace!!

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